Wednesday, 2 February 2011


So here's my giveaway now that I've got over 300 likers on my facebook page. To enter just leave a comment below this post, say hello or whatever but make sure you leave your name or facebook name. Now for the science bit....if you're not a blogger just click below on Comments, then Comment As and click Anonymous and you should still be able to leave a comment. I shall pick a winner after 9pm on Friday and that person will receive a set of campervan magnets.


  1. claire alexander2 February 2011 at 05:44

    these are so cute

  2. love.. love.. love.. love... love them!!!!!!!!!!
    Zoe (Zebedeez Jewellery) xx

  3. Hi Carolyn, need some of these as I only have your coasters.
    Clair from Folbar Beads
    p.s. this is my first ever blog comment!x

  4. These are lovely, I luurrve campervans. They will definitely brighten up any fridge and turn it into a funky fridge. Amanda Roberts xx

  5. I love your campervans! So bloody cute :]

    Kat Graham (noble surname ;]) from LeopardPrintBee :] xx

  6. Soo cute, would make the kids school info on the fridge look better than sellotape and blue tack!!!!! But I do like the row of beach houses on your Folksy site!!

  7. those magnets are lovely,just like the real thing.I bought my son in law a model of a campervan for his birthday,as its his ambition to own the real thing one day.I think he needs to save lots of pennies though
    jean x

  8. These are so cheerful! And they don't just have to go on your fridge.....I have a growing collection of magnets on a magnetic notice board. I painted the wooden frame to match my kitchen :)

    Yew Tree Avenue Gift Shoppe

  9. They are gorgeous magnets! Fingers crossed!

    Jenny Eaves (A Rainbow Life)

  10. ooh heck! I hope this is correct.. handmadebyjanet
    Your site is wonderful - I will definitely buying some of your things..

  11. Loving the magnets, just the thing to hold up my very long 'to do' lists.

  12. oh my, i have a passion for anything vbud which is rubbing of on my kids :-)
    these are very sweet and would look great on the new metal bunkbeds they just got
    keep up the good work x

  13. Hope it works this time. Loving the blog, camper vans. xx Zoe

  14. The camper vans would be great for my parents :)

    Congrats on 300 fans.

    I'm Ashley Paul on facebook.

    I'm AshleysHomeSpun on Etsy.

  15. Firstly congrats on your 300 likers...and also thanks for becoming a follower on my blog!

    I would love the chance to own these fab camper van magnets...they are just so LUSH!!

    Hope im not to late...Thanks and good luck everyone happy friday evening hugs clare@weekend crafter xxx

  16. Adorable!
    Congrats on 300 fans (Likes).

  17. Love these, I have booked a split screen Camper for our Wedding this November!

    Nat Evanson from your Facebook page :D

  18. Love 'em, they're so cool x
    Anna (Adore y la Muerto)