Monday, 19 April 2010


Springwatch in my back garden - my cat wasn't too impressed with the visitor!
Excuse the messy garden - one of the long list of jobs to do!


  1. Wow great but scary. Foxes petrify me dont know why but as a kid all I remember are storeys about sly foxes and ever since I'd run a mile. ps your veg patch is tidy compared to mine !

  2. This fox is lovely and very tame, he's even been in our kitchen!

  3. Great photo , i love foxes we have a fox that we see often. i think your garden looks great.
    Love your blog going to have a little read through. please feel to vist mine
    em x

  4. Hi Ema, thanks for joining hope you enjoy my blog. The weeds have taken over even more since I took these photos - must do something about them! x